Super Training eV Tracker for Pokémon X and Y

ARAPET – Super Training eV Tracker

I just threw together a Super Training eV Tracker for Pokémon X and Y for windows for a friend. It’s called ARAPET, and you can download it here.

Essentially, while you use Super Training, every time you’re awarded eVs you just click the buttons on here to update the value. Likewise, every time you break a bag you can do so as well. It’s especially useful to use in conjunction with Smogon.

Pokémon Super Training eV Tracker - ARAPET

e.g. In this example, I put in my Rotom-W’s name, and looked up its entry on Smogon. From here I can see I want 232 HP eVs, 56 Sp. Atk eVs and 220 Speed eVs for a “Bulky Attacker”. First of all I make sure I catch/breed a Rotom with high IVs in HP and Speed, and a Modest nature. You can figure out your IVs with Serebii’s calculator.

I set those values to 0 and then start super training. Every time I complete a level, I click +4 if was easy mode, +8 for medium and +12 for hard. Likewise, if my Pokémon breaks a bag I can press the corresponding button. You can see how much each bag is worth here. If I play hard mode 4 times and medium once, that’ll get me 56 eVs, which I need for Special Attack. Next I can move onto speed, and play hard mode 18 times and easy once. If I make a mistake, it’s fine. I can either quit out of the game or just press the correct button on ARAPET. If you misclick, just press “Whoops” to undo. And if you press “Whoops” by accident, click “Owait..” to redo.

If you really mess up, you can use a reset bag. Then click RESET at the top.

You can store a preset for every Pokémon you want to train, and leave as many windows open as you like. When you change the Pokémon name, the window name changes too for ease in alt tabbing. The files are saved in the same directory as ARAPET, as Pokémon_name.psf, and these can be loaded using the load button.

It may require .NET 4.0, because it’s a Windows Forms Application. If it’s not loading for you, that’s probably the issue.

It was just for a one off distraction, but if you find it useful and have any requests, feel free to tweet me and I might update it.

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