Hi, I’m Alex Rose, I’m a multi award winning game developer, porter, game jammer and physics lecturer from the UK. I have well over a decade of experience in Unity, have ported many titles to every console, and have developed and shipped my own games with funding from Sony Strategic Content, Creative England and the UK Games Fund.

I’ve won Develop’s 30 Under 30, am a multi time Ludum Dare medallist, won EGX Rezzed and The Guardian’s game jam. My games have won Gamespot’s GOTY Editor’s Choice, the DevGAMM audio award and been nominated best Single Player Game at PAX and best Indie Game at Tokyo Game Show, and got gleaming reviews all around.


If you want a Unity specialist for your game, these are my fields of expertise:

  • Physics: I have a BSc in Physics and wrote and lectured the Physik Und Simulation course at the University of Applied Science Vienna. I have multiple design awards under my belt, so if you need your character controller fixed or improved whether 2D or 3D, I’m your guy
  • Console Porting/Optimisation: I have ported many titles to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, XBSS/XBSX, Switch. I can do everything from localisation to optimisation to technical porting to release management. All my shipped titles run at 60fps and passed FQA comfortably on time on all platforms without major stress
  • Localisation: Not only have I localised multiple games with highly bespoke systems to CJK, Arabic, Russian and EFIGS+, I also speak multiple languages (English, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin, French) so I have a unique understanding of how to set up a game for loc
  • Tools/Design: I have won multiple awards for my game design, my games have been highly reviewed by Gamespot, Destructoid, The Guardian, Rock Paper Shotgun, Waypoint, the AV Club and many more

Make sure to check out my Portfolio page for dozens of examples of my work. If you want to contact me, all my social links are above, or you can write to me at alex@alexrosegames.com

My Games

Maybe you’re just here because you like games and want to play them! Then look no further, my game Super Rude Bear Resurrection is critically acclaimed and available on Steam and PS4. Go check it out. Or if you’re broke, it’s your lucky day, because I have released over 30 free jam games (many award winning).

Development Guides

Maybe you just want some pearls of wisdom. On my Lectures page you can find 28 of my Physics lectures for Unity, various of my talks from games events, and some of my YouTube videos explaining things.

On top of that, my blog occasionally has some useful articles – my first paid gig in the industry was writing for GameDevsTutsPlus. Nowadays I am a very busy man, however, every now and then I throw out some code or a guide or a program I wrote, so it’s quite possible you’ll see something there you’re interested in

Everything else

That’s pretty much all there is to say! I also have a page for my oldest non-jam release Rotation Station. Unfortunately I currently have zero intention of updating it because mobile platforms are a full time job, but it might interest you to gander at it