All the free games I’ve released over the years, along with my personal ratings

Channel the dead, unlock their memories, solve their murders – 2nd place LD55 and 3 gold medals ★★★★★
Rude Bear Rollout
A Rude Bear LocoRocolicious Rolling Adventure ★★★★★ . Won #3 humor #5 audio in Ludum Dare 54
Rude Bear Rebirth
Deliver this baby, and try not to kill it too much. Hard but fair and fun ★★★★★
Harvest Doom. Harvest some cute veggie pals and feed them to a monstrous entity to escape the (lake) island ★★★
an average day at the cat cafe
I had gastroenteritis when I programmed this and I have no idea how to make coffee but it turned out pretty fun ★★★★
Rude Bear Restart
Guard the world from armageddon ★★★★ (The log puzzle is fun)
Flat Earth (Not Another Rude Bear Game)
Winner of the Ludum Dare Audio award and 3rd Place Humor ★★★★ (it's funny)
Robed Bird Reckoning
Dece game to play in 3 minutes, nice physics, cool enemies ★★★
Rad Boar Rewind
Rewind Time. Throw Boars At Problem. Repeat. This game is a certified banger! ★★★★★
Rude Bear Gotchi
The revival of Bonzai Buddy, but now he has access to your drivers ★★★
Rude Bear Refurbished
Decorate your house for a date by stealing your neighbours' furniture! ★★★★
Rude Bear Reassembled
These weapons will cost you an arm and a leg! ★★★
Rude Bear Responsibility
Try very hard to not get your nemesis's annoying son kidnapped ★★★★
Rude Bear Resolution
Silver medal for theme! This game is a BANGER! Behold as your game resizes itself! ★★★★★
Rude Bear Rogueolution
A Realtime Rhythm Roguelike. Very fun once you get it down! ★★★★
Rude Bear Rabble
You can't even play this game anymore because the AWS is down lol ★★
Rude Bear ReRPG
HUGE, but ropey soundtrack and hard. Each battle's a puzzle to solve. To me it's a 4 but I can only score it: ★★
Rudum Bare
It's pronounced Rudum Baray. ★★★★ (This game is really terrible but the intro is v. funny, #7 for humour)
Not Rude Bear
Defeat Count Brapula in Rad Boar's first outing! ★★★
Rude Bear Relics
My nephew's favourite Rude Bear game! My nephew is wrong. ★★
Rude Bear Requiem
Just short of a masterpiece. Stick with it ★★★★★
Rude Bear Recreation
★★★★★ Top 10 in fun, ludum dare 34
Rude Bear Realms
In my opinion: the worst game I've ever made ★
Rude Bear Raid
Fucking BANGER ALERT!!! ★★★★★ Unfortunately to play this one you will have to get a group of friends!
Miri Kiri
Winner of the EGX Rezzed Jam ★★★★ (had a crowd mechanic – worth a watch)
Psycho Ratz Wild Adventures 9
Not worthy of much mention ★★
Rude Bear Ride
We don't talk about Rude Bear Ride ★
Migi Osu
Banger. Local multiplayer. A virtual game of chicken ★★★★★
Rude Bear RPG
It's a perfect game. What more can I say? ★★★★★
Rude Bear Revengeance
Ursine robot ninja with laser grapple sword flaming kicks robot hoardes to death ★★★★
A game made in 8 hours by 4 strangers ★★
Rude Bear X
An endless running spinoff from the Rude Bear franchise, with bosses, weapons and enemy surfing. ★★★
Claire's Voyage
A nifty and fun little platformer about philosophy and code ★★★★
Rude Bear Resurrection
The game that launched my whole career. #1 for innovation. Requires many people playing for fun times ★★★★
Rude Bear Radio
This is a certified hood classic ★★★★★
Rude Bear Rising
An underwater megaman prequel to Rude Bear. Rough around the edges ★★
Rude Bear
Look.. it's not perfect, but it's the original. And that deserves a: ★★★★ . 9th for humour!