Conference Talks

Perfecting Platformer Game Feel

Develop Conference 2016. Probably the best talk I’ve ever given and one of the best you’ve ever seen, about making a 2D character controller, made inside Unity

Things you should know if you plan to ship a game

A really great talk for studios who never shipped a game before about all the considerations you should make when doing a port

Stop Using Score!

One of my favourite talks. A spot opened at a local conference last minute, so I threw this together in an hour and rolled up. This talk is both everything you expect and also the opposite of what you expect, and the vibes are very chill

The Six Skills of Solo Indie Success

A bizdev talk for a bizdev event. It’s a semi tongue in cheek take at what bizdev people like to talk about and see (after having attending dozens of talks that overuse the word “synergy”, but philosophically I also unironically agree with a lot of it

Twitch Integration – Implementation and Tricks

A very technical talk for programmers with some live demonstration of the Twitch tech

Breaking Physics to Make Games Feel Great

A fun little live coding talk about exploiting floating point errors. I was feeling grim, and actually passed out live! I got up and they were like “you need a doctor”, and I was like “no. I will finish my talk”. Though I can’t find the timestamp of when I passed out, they cut it really good. Try and spot it

YouTube Lessons

How to think about Quaternions without your brain exploding

I filmed this in a hotel room in Albania on a whim and it blew up. A simplified way I come up with to visualise Quaternions for laymen instead of thinking about 4 dimensional spaces

Making a game in an hour entirely using ChatGPT

Right after ChatGPT was released I did an interview for Edge Magazine in which I live discovered that GPT could (guided) make an entire game from scratch, this is the recording of that interview. A good guide on rapid prototyping

Character Controller Physics: A lesson in numerical integration, drag, physics

This was an impromptu talk I gave during a stream explaining some numerical dynamics and how you can use it to make relative motion in a 3D character controller. Looks a bit cryptic but highly useful info

Physics for Unity – My degree level physics course

The Nature of Time and Space (and also Vectors)

Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration + Calculus

Newton’s Laws, Mass and Inertia

Newton’s Law of Gravitation + Uniform Acceleration

Drag and why the sky is blue

Normal Reaction Force and Super Trigonometry Times

Friction, (Static & Dynamic), Sliding, Toppling

Momentum and Impulse

Primer on Energy Conservation (aside: Big Bang + Quantum Tunnelling)

Galilean Relativity, Frames of Reference & Some Quaternions

The Zero Momentum Frame – Pulleys, Worldview, Clipview

Reduced mass, two body systems, energy & momentum in inelastic collisions

Coefficient of Restitution (bounciness), Post collision velocities


Springs and Hooke’s Law

Damping, The Damped Harmonic Oscillator (Springs)

Euler-Cromer Method (numerical integration), Lerping, UI

Polar Coordinates + Angular Velocity + Centripetal Force

Angular Momentum and Cross Products

Moments of Inertia

SUVAT Equations and 3D Projectile Prediction

Pendula and Worms-style Ninja Ropes

Non-Inertial Frames, Weightlessness + Centrifugal and Centripetal Forces

Simulating Water and Buoyancy with Springs in 2D + Resonance

2D Character Controllers, variable jump arcs, coyote time, slides, walljumps

3D Character Controller – Slope Physics, Topspin. Dot and Cross Products

Quaternions, Buoyancy, Inertia Tensors, Pressure, Special Relativity