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Q1 2017

Playstation 4
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Super Rude Bear Resurrection is an ultra-tight, masocore platformer that anyone can beat! Every time you die, your previous corpses stack up and you can jump on them, push them around and use them as platforms or meatshields. Each death makes the game slightly easier, but it’s possible to beat the whole game without dying at all! Rude Bear is a gangster bear from East London who’s been summoned back in time to medieval England to defeat his mortal nemesis, The Wizard. Face challenges so lethal, you’ll (probably) need to be resurrected thousands of times to stand any chance of winning, and defeat the fearsome Guardians of each world.


Super Rude Bear Resurrection began in a game jam, coming first place in Ludum Dare 28 for Innovation, as the fourth installation in the Rude Bear jam series, before being funded by Creative England and Sony Strategic Content. The Rude Bear series began in December 2012, and includes dozens of takes on different genres, from walking simulators, RPGs and MOBAs to RTS and 3D Zelda-likes. The extended Rude Bear universe is covered in depth on the Rude Bear wiki.


  • Sightseeing - Run, jump and die your way through sprawling levels, facing fiendish challenges across seven diverse worlds, from ancient ruins to convulsing flesh dungeons.
  • Bad Boy Tunes – Enjoy an incredible 72 song Grime soundtrack by Deeco – with a unique track in every level.
  • Super Streamable – Twitch Mode lets your viewers affect the gameplay, spam emotes onto your screen and talk through your Fairy companion.
  • Gotta Go Fast – Built from the ground up with speedrunners in mind. From ghosts and quick menus, to slow-mo Practice Mode and RNG toggle.
  • Rampant Replayablity – Discover Bonus levels, unlock absurdly difficult achievements, and beat your friends’ scores in Marathon Mode (including Boss Rush!)
  • Insanely Tough – Crank the difficulty even higher by turning off corpses and checkpoints, or take on the ultimate challenge and try to beat the entire game with just one life.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "1st Place - Innovation" Ludum Dare 28, December 2013
  • "Best Indie Game Nomination - Tokyo Game Show" Dengeki Online, 2015
  • "Darkest Soul Award - Tokyo Game Show" Playstation Lifestyle, 2015
  • "Megabooth Alumnus" Indie Megabooth, 2015

Selected Articles

  • "Ridiculously, outrageously compelling"
    - Keith Stuart, The Guardian
  • "A tight-controlling platformer where deaths come at a constant clip"
    - Brett Makedonski, Destructoid
  • "A tough-as-nails 2D platformer with a distinct and playful visual style"
    - David Morgan, Warrington Guardian
  • "The concept is hilariously innovative. Plus you’re a bear with a baseball cap"
    - Adam Paris, Indie Statik
  • "It’s everything I want"
    - Graham Arthur, Automaton.am

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Rude Bear Wiki
The ongoing conpendium of the extended Rude Bear universe: rudebear.gamepedia.com.

About Alex Rose Games

Alex Rose is a serial game jammer, and creator of Super Rude Bear Resurrection. Alex Rose Games is funded by Creative England and Sony Strategic Content.

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